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Is Chess Doomed by Artificial Intelligence?

If you can’t beat them, evolve

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In 2019, the founding member, Amaury Aubrée-Dauchez, published a foundational article entitled "Is Chess Doomed by Artificial Intelligence?"; in the section "If you can’t beat them, evolve", chess tennis is suggested as an interesting form of hybridisation. 

"The interest of such hybridisations is not only the ability to master both sports but above all, being able to withstand the constant switch from a physical sport to a thinking sport, round after round. After several minutes of boxing or tennis, pulses are racing, yet the opponents have to face each other at the chessboard barely having taken a break, and have to then perform calmly and think tactically. This switch becomes increasingly hard for the athletes as the duel goes on and they become tired."

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